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Entrepreneurship track

Entrepreneurship track (Filière Innovation-Entrepreneurs - FIE)

The Entrepreneurship track at Institut d’Optique is one of the best training courses in France in the field of technological entrepreneurship.

Over the three years of their engineering studies, the Entrepreneurship track (FIE) trains students to undertake and innovate through project-based pedagogy where they develop their own photonics based projects.

Students who choose this course have 550 hours (out of a total of 1800 hours of SupOptique engineering training) to develop their project over 3 years.

  • 19+ companies created by students
  • 120 national and international awards
  • A tailor-made education offered on the three campuses
  • Dazzling successes
  • Profiles sought by employers
  • 11,000 m2 dedicated to innovation and technological entrepreneurship in photonics.
  • a FabLab
  • Entrepreneurial and innovation centers
  • 35 hosted companies that participate in the training and have a mission of coaching and consulting with project holders
  • Technological and customized business coaching


Among the successes of the entrepreneurship track:

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